1960-65 International Scout 80/800 RS4

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Starting with Roadster Shop’s proven laser rails, a complete chassis was engineered utilizing the best components available in the industry.  Currie Dana 44 front and Dana 60 Rear differentials are tied into the chassis through triangulated 4 links designed to optimize anti-dive, anti-squat, and suspension articulation.  Massive sealed x-Axis flex joints allow increased misalignment, longevity, and performance over commonly used spherical and Johnny joints.

Fox Racing 2.5 Factory Race Series coilovers tuned with RS specific valving offer the best of both ride quality on road and off-road performance.  Cad Optimized front steering geometry eliminates bump steer entirely while laterally controlling the axle.

The Scout 80 RS4 chassis features a 99” wheelbase and has been designed around a 32.5-35” tire range. It features Dana 44 front and Dana 60 rear axles and has other features consistent with the RS4 chassis line. A 63” front and rear track width packages tires around 2” outside the factory fenders for an aggressive stance.

The front shock towers tuck inside the factory front wheel wells, but the front rail section and tower bottoms will require trimming of the factory wells. The outboard AGR steering box position also necessitates fender well trimming on the driver side. Because of an asymmetric firewall cove and tunnel, minor clearance modifications may be needed depending on drivetrain configuration. A universal front core support mount is also included since packaging modern engines results in inevitable interference. The core support mount is a bolt on unit and can be revised if a better solution is realized down the road. A factory location gas tank can be utilized, since they package inside the driver side quarter panel. We also offer a stainless gas tank which locates in our typical location behind the rear axle.

The factory rear wheel wells do not need removed or modified with exception to trimming the bottom lip that overhangs the upper shock mount and rear sway bar arm. Tow strap hooks, bump stops, exhaust hanger bungs, and belly pan brackets are also featured.

Standard Features
  • 4” x 3” Frame Rails @ factory frame width
  • Universal front bumper and core support mounting with factory rear bumper mounts
  • Utilizes all stock body, bumper, and core support mounts
  • Bolt on engine mounts from LS and LT motors
  • Structural, center crossmember with drop out trans and transfer case mounts
  • 8” 2.5 Fox Coilovers front and rear
  • RS Fast Link 1.75″ front & rear 4-bars with X-axis sealed bearing assemblies
  • 8” front and rear travel
  • Splined front and rear sway bars
  • AGR Performance steering box with equal length, parallel steering
  • Currie High Pinion Dana 44 front (Complete with axles, gears, & Tru Trac Diff.)
  • Currie High Pinion Dana 60 rear (Complete with axles, gears, & Tru Trac Diff.)
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