1955-57 Chevy REVO

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This chassis is available for all models of 1955-57 Chevy including hard top, sedan, convertible, Nomad, and wagon body styles.  Factory bumper mounts, core support mounts, and body mounts are CNC located in the frame with precision accuracy to ensure a simple bolt on installation.  Small block, big block, and LS motors have been placed in the chassis to eliminate the need for firewall modification.  A center crossmember has been designed to allow clearance for up to 3′ exhaust and also incorporates a drop out trans mount and integrated drive shaft hoop.  The rear suspension is an RS triangulated 4-bar paired with RS SV by Fox fixed valve coiloversand connected to with a HD Ford 9′ housing with S/S 31 spline axles.

As with any Roadster Shop vehicle or chassis, the stance makes the vehicle.  The ‘ideal stance’ can be interpreted differently depending on the desired look of the car. To accommodate varying tastes, the REVO chassis has been designed with two ride heights.  The lowered stance will put the rocker panels approximately 6″ – 7″ off the ground.  For those who like a closer to original stance, we offer a stock height spindle and adjustable rear coilover mount (as a no charge option) that will raise your car an additional 2″.

While others have chosen to keep the same antiquated suspension geometry and design, the Roadster Shop continues to raise the bar and break new ground with the debut of the new REVO IFS Chassis for 1955-57 Chevys. The REVO IFS is exactly what its name suggests, a revolution in independent front suspension design, geometry, technology, and construction.

The REVO IFS has been created from the ground up, leaving behind the antiquated Mustang II geometry and ride quality where it firmly belongs: in the past. Controlled roll centers, eliminated bump steer, and CAD optimized camber and caster curves provide a suspension that offers the absolute best combination of ride quality and street performance.  With 5.5″ of wheel travel and positive and negative bump stops, the REVO front end allows smooth articulation through the full range of motion, creating the most comfortable, balanced and street friendly dynamics possible within this package.

The REVO front end has been designed from scratch using the latest CAD development software and design processes. 115 unique components were designed and manufactured for this suspension, allowing a fresh design template to build the ultimate IFS without compromise.  Keeping with the latest manufacturing processes to raise quality while controlling costs; laser, plasma, CNC milling and turning are all employed in the manufacturing of these components.  With a years worth of in house development, the REVO IFS has been fine-tuned and streamlined to redefine the standard for street performance suspension.

Standard Features
  • Roadster Shop REVO IFS
  • Front mounted power rack and pinion steering
  • Wilwood forged Pro Spindle with steering arm
  • RS SV by Fox fixed valve coilovers
  • Motor mounts for SBC, BBC, or optional LS motors
  • 10 gauge, fully boxed, fabricated frame rails
  • CNC located factory mounting points for body , bumper, and core support
  • Fully fabricated and tig welded center crossmember
  • Exhaust ports for up to 3″ exhaust
  • Parallel 4-bar rear suspension with RS SV by Fox fixed valve coilovers
  • New Ford 9″ rear housing with 31 spline axles
  • Double sheer mounting on all load bearing components
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