Located within a 30,000 sq.ft dedicated facility, the Roadster Shop houses full chassis production, metal fabrication, vehicle construction, and paint and body department with downdraft spray booth. A full mechanical department is in place for assembly of turn key vehicle builds as well as customer vehicle servicing and component installations. The facility includes a 5,000 sq.ft, upscale retail showroom used to showcase an array of customer vehicles, product displays, and performance lifestyle items for sale.

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Design and Engineering

Located within the showroom are our Design, Engineering and Sales offices. We created these spaces as an ideal environment for customers to work on their projects with our in-house design, engineering and sales staff. Our flexibility in design extends from 2D graphics, sketching and ideation to full 3D computer modelling of parts, concepts and vehicle rendering. Put simply, we can take an idea and make it a reality. Having a full ‘in-house’ design and engineering capability is essential to delivering not only what the customer wishes to see, but allows us to advance our own ideas and push forward independently with our own parts development and vehicle concepts. It gives us a unique ability to establish ourselves as a leader in design and performance.


Assembly Room

This is our clean room used to assemble cars after paint away from the dust and debris of the rest of the shop. It is also utilized for service work on customer cars. This room features 4 stalls for vehicles in addition to a 2 post lift and a drive on lift.

Final Assembly Room

CNC mill and Prototyping

Within the assembly room sits our HAAS VF4 CNC mill. With 4th axis machining capabilities, we are able to machine any component or part of vehicle build as needed. From one-off parts creation on high-end vehicle builds, to suspension prototyping and parts development. The CNC mill allows in house manufacturing and development of the highest standard.


Fabrication Area

This is the section of the shop where the sheetmetal and fabricationwork takes place. We have a pair of 2 post lifts, multiple bays to accommodate many vehicles at a time and a team of highly skilled fabricators.


Frame Rail Fabrication Shop

This room is used to build/fabricate frame rails for our production chassis. Each year, make, and model specific frame rail has a set of specific frame rail jigs used in the build process.

frame room

Paint and Body Shop

Features 5 body and prep stalls along with a large staging area for parts. The brand new down draft paint booth is 10 ft longer than production booths which provides the ability to paint each car completely disassembled for a flawless finish. A separate paint mixing room houses a complete PPG mixing bank with the capabilities of making any paint color possible.

paint 2

Chassis Manufacturing

Features 5 stalls for production and custom chassis manufacturing, welding and assembly. A large collection of year, make, and model specific jigs are used to ensure accuracy and consistency.

chassis fab

CNC Plasma Cutting Table

This HD CNC Plasma table features a 5’x20′ bed and is capable of precision cuts from sheet metal up to 1.5″ thick plate. This allows our chassis and parts to be designed, cut and assembled all under one roof.

plasma 3

Sheet Metal Shop

This is where all of the complex sheet metal shaping occurs. We are fully equipped with a wide array of specialized metal shaping tools: English wheels, bead rollers, PullMax machine, planishing hammers, brakes and sheers.