Roadster Shop FAST TRACK Corvette chassis

Form and function combined. The FAST TRACK C1, C2 and C3 Corvette chassis is the ultimate in aftermarket performance for Corvettes. For pricing and options, visit

Building the Mr.Gasket ‘Lime Crush’ 1966 Suburban

Take a first hand look with Mr.Gasket as the ‘Lime Crush’ Suburban gets built.

REVO chassis for Pickup Trucks

Bring the ride, safety and comfort of your vintage pickup truly up to modern standards with REVO chassis.

REVO Tri-Five chassis by Roadster Shop

The suspension revolution now available for your Tri-Five project.

REVO IFS by Roadster Shop

Mustang II is dead. REVO IFS is a new standard. Here’s why…

FAST TRACK Elite Series

Taking FAST TRACK to a whole new level of performance, design and function with the FAST TRACK 6061-T6 CNC machined spindle and A-Arm upgrade.

Building the Craftsman C-10: Finale

Wrap up of the C-10 build and Sema debut recap.

Building the Craftsman C-10 (Episodes 16-20)

Truck wiring – Interior modifications – Choosing wheels and tires – Final checklist – Tuning the engine

Building the Craftsman C-10 (Episodes 11-15)

Installing the engine and transmission – Body assembly – Glass install – Plumbing – Steering and Battery

Building the Craftsman C-10 (Episodes 6-10)

Body panel alignment - Installing the exhaust system – Prepping for paint – Designing the truck – Painting the truck