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Fast Track C-10 Vs. Muscle Cars – PHR December 2012

It’s official! Our FAST TRACK C-10 truck would have been the outright winner of the Popular Hot Rodding Muscle Car Of The Year shootout had it…you know…been a Muscle Car. Check out our ‘exhibition’ times and see how our truck stacked up against the competition in the latest addition to our Magazine Archive:

C-10 at PHR Muscle Car Shootout (1/4 Mile Drag)

Roadster Shop C-10 running the 2nd fastest average drag time (12.31 seconds) at the Popular Hotrodding’s “Muscle Car of the Year” event.

C-10 at PHR Muscle Car Shootout (Autocross)

The Roadster Shop C-10 taking the fastest average (and single) autocross times at the Popular Hot Rodding Muscle Car of the Year event as an “Exhibition Run”.