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AXIS wins ‘Peoples Choice’ GM Design Award.

We were honored this year to have AXIS selected as ‘Peoples Choice’ winner at the Chevrolet Design Awards this year.  A fantastic event hosted by GM revealed this years winners and a stunning image by Pepper Yendell of the AXIS Camaro as a backdrop to the award. Huge thanks go out to Chevrolet and all those who enabled AXIS to bring home this great achievement. Be sure to check out the vehicle build gallery here:


Columbus Goodguys 2012 Gallery

July 6th, 7th and 8th saw the arrival of ‘The Big One’: the 15th Goodguys PPG Nationals. It was a hot one!  RS had a great weekend with Bruce’s ’69 receiving a Winners Circle place along with the Goodguys Innovation Award and our C-10 truck ripping some great times out on the autoX! Congrats to the Ringbrothers on another SMOTY win and Bobby Alloway for a SROTY title.

Gallery after the jump…


Bruce’s 69 assembly.

Roadster Shop selects Chicagoland Nationals Builders choice awards.

August 12th saw the arrival of the 5th Annual Peak Chicagoland Nationals. Phil and Jeremy Gerber were on hand to select the 10 recipients of the unique Roadster Shop designed and built award.

Fresh off the receiving end of the 2011 Street Machine of the Year Award in Columbus, the Roadster Shop was selected to pick the 10 Builders Choice winners this year the the Chicagoland Show.

Fast Track Chassis System for 1967-69 Chevy Camaro

The Roadster Shop has developed the Fast Track Chassis System for 1967-69 Chevy Camaro. Much consideration has been taken on every Roadster Shop Chassis.

Lowest ride height and most aggressive stance in the industry
Full frame that greatly improves strength and rigidity over the factory unibody.
4.25”x2.5”main frame rails provide superior strength, lowest profile,and minimal floor modification.
Retains the stock floor and gas tank.
Utilizes stock body mounts, bumper mounts, and core support mounts for easy installation.
Optimal wheel and Tire fitment with a 10” wide front wheel and 295 series tire.
Designed to run a 345 series tire and 12” wide rear wheel when the body is mini tubbed.
Center crossmember and mid brace designed to accommodate 3” exhaust.

Fast Track Chassis System for 1970-82 Chevy Camaro

The Roadster Shop has developed the Fast Track Chassis System for 1970-82 Chevy Camaro. This is the only complete chassis system on the market for the 2nd Gen Camaro that utilizes the stock body mount locations along with the factory core support and bumper mounts, giving you accurate assessment for body on chassis fitment and alignment.

  • Full frame design for maximum structural rigidity
  • Exclusive frame rails designed to maximize head room and interior space by allowing for a drop floor.
  • Frame rails follow the factory trunk floor.
  • Utilizes stock bumper mounts, core support mount and front body mounts
  • Stock or after market fuel tanks can be used.
  • Front frame rails designed to accommodate factory fender to cowl mounting point.
  • Lowest ride height available for 2nd generation Camaro.
  • Optimal front wheel and Tire fitment 295 tire on a 10” wheel easily fits
  • Designed to run a 345 series rear tire or 12” wide wheel with mini tub