Engine and Transmission

For the power behind the good looks of the Craftsman C-10 pickup, we turned to our friends at Don Hardy Race Cars and Hot Rod Shop for a custom LS3 making just over 550hp!

Painting the truck

The prefect paint job comes from many different steps before the paint is even sprayed. See how our paint shop lays down the color for the C-10.

Designing the truck

Chevy made a good looking truck in 1969. Check out how we put the Roadster Shop style into this C-10

Installing the exhaust

A performance truck should sound as good as it looks and handles. We go through the steps of installing the Flowmaster performance exhaust.

Body panel alignment

Fit and finish are crucial to any Roadster Shop build. See how we tackle making old and new panels work together.

Lowering the truck

The signature Roadster Shop chassis is done and now it’s time to mount the body. Since this truck is going to be lowered there are other issues to contend with.

Building the chassis

The foundation of a true performance vehicle is the chassis. Watch how we create the C-10 FAST TRACK chassis for this truck.

Disassembly and rust repair

In this episode of roadster the guys are working on disassembly and rust repair. Tune in to see all the steps they take to get it done!

Finding the truck

Finding the right candidate for the Roadster Shop’s next high performance muscle truck is a process. Tune in to find out how they got the job done!

Meet the guys

Episode 1 of the Roadster Shop build of the CraftsmanC-10 build is live! Get a tour of the Roadster Shop and meet the team that will be turning a 69′ Chevy C-10 into a high-performance muscle truck