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Off to Auction

With the truck now complete, the final destination is the auction at Barrett-Jackson where the proceeds will go to Heroes at Home and the keys to a lucky new owner.

Tuning the Engine

On this episode of Restoration Rollout 2013,we take the truck over to to LRS Performance Inc to tune all aspects of the engine before it hits the Barrett-Jackson car auction.

Final Checklist

The C-10 truck is close to completion, but first we have to make sure everything is double checked and ready to go. See what is involved in this latest episode.

Wheels and Tires

The right wheel and tire package can not only alter the look of a vehicle, but is also a major factor in handling and performance. See what we chose for the pickup.


With the classic feel on the exterior, we continued the factory style on the interior and added a few modern touches.


With more modern conveniences being added, a great wiring system is needed. See how we install the American Aurowire setup here.

Steering and Battery

As final assembly continues, two crucial areas need installed: The steering column with linkage and locating the new Die Hard battery.


With all the major assembly close to complete, the truck’s vital fluids need routed. Watch how we plumb the truck and get closer to a running vehicle!

Installing the glass

Glass install on the C-10 requires skill on the front and rear and a steady and patient touch on the sides. Watch it all come together and how it gets installed in this episode.

Body Assembly

Assembling the freshly painted panels and chrome can be a tricky and detailed process. Take a look at the attention to detail needed to put the C-10 together.