REVO IFS by Roadster Shop

Mustang II is dead. REVO IFS is a new standard. Here’s why…

4 Responses to “REVO IFS by Roadster Shop”

  1. David J Smith says:

    Hi Guys….I am looking at doing a 69 Mustang coupe with a 5.0 coyote or 5.8 shelby gt500 engine. Which would be better of the two, your New REVO IFS or your Fast Track IFS? Thanks….djs

    • Roadster Shop says:

      It really depends what you are looking for from your car. The FAST TRACK is a performance oriented setup geared towards autocross and track performance while still very suitable for the street. REVO is perhaps more of a ‘street’ setup engineered to offer great performance with great street comfort. Take a look at our youtube page also for some really good overviews of the two setups. Any other questions, just give us a call too.

  2. Ben Locke says:

    I’m interested in a revo chassis to fit a 1961 Ford Starliner.
    Do you have one designed?
    5.0 coyote/ six speed

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