1966-77 Bronco Chassis

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Full IFS, 4WD chassis with triangulated trailing arm rear. Designed from scratch, utilizing the latest 3D scanning technology and and our in-house engineering to create a one of a kind package for the 1966-77 Bronco.

Offering 12″ travel in the front and 13″ in the rear, we created this chassis with the smaller body of these classic trucks in mind.  Dual rate springs optimize ride quality and performance working with Fox Factory series 2.5″ twin tube bypass shocks and 2.5″ coilovers.  We also configured this package to accept Coyote/6R80 or LS/4L80 drivetrain packages with an Atlas 2 Speed transfer case.  The RS4R chassis was also designed to allow the use of 285 series tires and +17″ wheels on all four corners without the need for fender opening mods.

·        Independent front suspension with 12” of travel
·        Fox Factory Series 2.5” twin tube bypass shocks
·        Fox Factory Series 2.5” Coiloves
·        Staggered springs for ride quality & performance
·        Fox bump stops
·        Rack and pinion steering
·        4140 chromoly machined spindles
·        934 CV’s with 300M axle shafts rated to 850 ft/lbs of torque
·        Triangulated trailing arm rear suspension with 13” of travel
·        Splined front & rear sway bars
·        LS or Coyote motor mounts