FAST TRACK IRS crossmember

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To design the most advanced and capable IRS available, we had to start from scratch. Previous IRS systems offered limited brake package choices, suspension geometry not optimized for larger, heavier muscle cars and simply not enough strength when faced with high horsepower. Simple ˜Street Rod™ suspension was often based on outdated Jaguar setups (or similar) and did not offer the performance capabilities we were looking for.

Remaining in step with the FAST TRACK front suspension, we developed the FAST TRACK Universal IRS to be the most advanced, complete, high performance aftermarket IRS available today. The geometry is not only designed to work with the larger, heavier vehicles, but as an optimized system with our front IFS FAST TRACK. This allows optimal geometry from front to back and the best vehicle handling dynamics possible.

Brakes are conventionally mounted as a result of utilizing the C6 Corvette spindle, allowing greater brake choice and serviceability. Our FAST TRACK IRS uses a hand built and TIG welded modular designed cradle which aids in making third-member and shock or springs changes easy. The removable lower cradle bracket even simplifies removal of the whole rear end assembly for servicing. For proven reliability we have designed the IRS to use the Covette spindles and hubs. This allows us to run virtually countless outboard mounted brake packages for easy rotor and pad maintenance. For easy toe adjustment of the spindles, we opt to use Aurora right and left hand threaded bearings and hex shafts and castor /camber adjustment is simplified through the addition or removal of alignment shims. With the high horsepower demands of the market, we ensured our system is capable of handling it. We offer high performance axles and CV’s as standard, with the option of upgrading should the horsepower creep into the four figure range. This system also makes for simple fluid changes with drain and fills holes integrated into the design.


RS Fast Track Independent Rear Suspension utilizing proprietary geometry
C6 Corvette spindle and C6 hub assembly
Penske RS Edition performance coilovers
58.75″ track width (With out brakes)
31 spline inner stub axles
800 HP Rated 300M alloy drive axles
Aluminum hex shaft tie rods
Chromoloy 930 inner and outer CV joints with hi-temp vented race boots
10 gauge steel weld in cradle assembly with all bracketry pre-located
Designed for 27.875″ inside frame & 31.875″ outside frame dimensions

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