FAST TRACK IFS Crossmember

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The FAST TRACK IFS Universal crossmember is the most advanced, complete, high performance independent front suspension available today. The serviceability, strength and ease of adjustment make it the most user-friendly and performance oriented package available.

Designed for a 29′ inside frame width and either a 54.75″ or 58.75′ track width, the Fast-Track IFS is engineered with proprietary suspension geometry to make the most out of a track day or tour across the country. Our FAST TRACK IFS is a fully hand assembled, TIG welded assembly utilizing the Corvette C-6 spindle and Z06 hub assembly for its performance attributes and proven reliability.

The geometry has been designed to offer increased negative camber gains during hard cornering, controlled and lowered roll center and exhibits nearly immeasurable bump-steer through full travel. To keep body roll completely under control, we have integrated a large 1.25′ diameter splined sway bar and Corvette endlinks with the design of the crossmember for maximum clearance. For additional strength, the FAST TRACK IFS employs the use of large diameter 1 5/8′ lower and 1 ¼’ upper control arms which are specifically designed to allow clearance for a wider wheel and tire combinations. The control arm pivot points use a machined and serviceable Delrin bushing for less deflection and a long service life as compared to failure-prone and industry-standard polyurethane bushings.

If you want to step it up to the next level of performance, combine the Fast-Track IFS with the Fast-Track IRS for a truly unbeatable and balanced combination.


RS Fast Track Front Suspension utilizing proprietary suspension geometry
C6 Corvette spindle and hub assembly
Penske RS Edition coilovers
1.25″ splined front sway bar with C6 Corvette end links
Quick ratio power rack & pinion steering
Designed for 29″ Inside Frame Rail Dimension
Large diameter 1-1/4″ upper and 1-5/8″ lower control arms
59.75″  or 54.75″ Track Width

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