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OUSCI 2012 Gallery

Gallery of the 2012 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational 2012.  (more…)

The Foundation of Performance

A retrospective view of some past RS vehicles that helped shape the performance of what is now FAST TRACK and the ‘Pro-touring’ scene.


Fast Track C-10 Vs. Muscle Cars – PHR December 2012

It’s official! Our FAST TRACK C-10 truck would have been the outright winner of the Popular Hot Rodding Muscle Car Of The Year shootout had it…you know…been a Muscle Car. Check out our ‘exhibition’ times and see how our truck stacked up against the competition in the latest addition to our Magazine Archive:

Roadster Shop C-10 at the Popular Hot Rodding Muscle Car Challenge

With the Columbus 2012 autocross in the bag, the next round of hammering on this truck was after a kind invite from PHR to run the truck alongside the competition at the Popular Hot Rodding “Muscle Car of the Year” as an Exhibition entry. With some front end tweaks based on how we ran at Columbus, we were eager to see how the C-10 compared against such a strong lineup:  (Results and video after the jump)