Dearborn Deuce

Standard Features

The 1932 ‘Dearborn Deuce’ is dramaticall different to anything else in the industry offered in a 1932 body style. No other manufacturer that we know of offers you a fully outfitted body as its basic ‘¬ústandard’ body:

Each body is constructed on a heavy-gauge steel base platform. This is the only Detroit-built roadster body in our industry, and it is assembled to OE production standards by the pro’s at Oakley Industries.
A convertible top assembly of OEM quality is included with every body. Our top is manufactured for us by a major Detroit OE supplier of tops to global auto makers. So, the top on our car is constructed exactly the way any other OEM top is made, and it is covered with Haartz cloth, just like the rest. A glass rear window with a chromed inner and stainless
Each body comes with a fully polished, all-stainless windshield assembly, with the glass installed. Because the location of the windshield is critical, the holes are located with a special jig, and the windshield is mounted to the car for you during the assembly process.
All internal assembly work is done for you. Inside the doors, the window channel runs are installed, along with the power window motors and the side glass. The power windows are fully operable and ready-to-go when you receive your body; you just have to hook-up the power.
Two properly-calculated gas struts pop the trunk open when you pull a latch pre-mounted in the driver’s side door post.
There are no seals for you to buy or make because our bodies include the convenience of having all the seals for the doors, windows, trunk, tonneau, windshield, and top as a part of the package. The seal kit was developed especially for this car.
Each Dearborn Deuce body has an operating tonneau panel with the tonneau release latch pre-mounted for you, also in the driver’s side door post.
Precision assembly jigs position each outer body panel the same way onto our substructure every time. This is a closely controlled process, managed in a state-of-the-art automotive assembly environment, by Oakley Industries.

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