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With the classic feel on the exterior, we continued the factory style on the interior and added a few modern touches.


With more modern conveniences being added, a great wiring system is needed. See how we install the American Aurowire setup here.

Steering and Battery

As final assembly continues, two crucial areas need installed: The steering column with linkage and locating the new Die Hard battery.


With all the major assembly close to complete, the truck’s vital fluids need routed. Watch how we plumb the truck and get closer to a running vehicle!

Installing the glass

Glass install on the C-10 requires skill on the front and rear and a steady and patient touch on the sides. Watch it all come together and how it gets installed in this episode.

Body Assembly

Assembling the freshly painted panels and chrome can be a tricky and detailed process. Take a look at the attention to detail needed to put the C-10 together.

Engine and Transmission

For the power behind the good looks of the Craftsman C-10 pickup, we turned to our friends at Don Hardy Race Cars and Hot Rod Shop for a custom LS3 making just over 550hp!

Painting the truck

The prefect paint job comes from many different steps before the paint is even sprayed. See how our paint shop lays down the color for the C-10.

Designing the truck

Chevy made a good looking truck in 1969. Check out how we put the Roadster Shop style into this C-10

Installing the exhaust

A performance truck should sound as good as it looks and handles. We go through the steps of installing the Flowmaster performance exhaust.