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Disassembly and rust repair

In this episode of roadster the guys are working on disassembly and rust repair. Tune in to see all the steps they take to get it done!

Finding the truck

Finding the right candidate for the Roadster Shop’s next high performance muscle truck is a process. Tune in to find out how they got the job done!

Meet the guys

Episode 1 of the Roadster Shop build of the CraftsmanC-10 build is live! Get a tour of the Roadster Shop and meet the team that will be turning a 69′ Chevy C-10 into a high-performance muscle truck

Roadster Shop/Craftsman C-10 build preview

Together, Craftsman tools and the Roadster Shop are turning a ’69 Chevy C/10 into a performance muscle truck fit for autocross.

Goodguys Builders Choice Trophies


Craftsman C-10 Build: Episode 1

Roadster Shop / Craftsman C-10 build preview!